No reimbursement will be provided by ALL TRAVEL USA in case of cancellation or amendment while in Cuba. In the event of an early return of the car, only the daily insurance might be reimbursed by the car rental company.<p><br></p><p>COVID-19&nbsp; &nbsp;03/19/2020</p><p>IMPORTANT INFORMATION </p><p> <span style="background-color: initial;">Coronavirus travel updates&nbsp;</span></p><p>Peace of mind for your travel (RESERVATION ) </p><p>We understand you may have questions about your upcoming Reservation. We’re working around the clock to care for you on your travel journey. </p><p> <span style="background-color: initial;">Don't worry, the value of your ticket or Car Rentals is safe&nbsp;</span></p><p>If you're not traveling (or supposed to travel) in the next 72 hours, . You can cancel your trip online by email and call later when you’re ready to rebook. </p><p> 305.230.4770</p><p><br></p>
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Yes, You can check the status of your reservation and download documents online, just go to the section "" and you can enter with your email and number of ID.
To make the payment of your reservation online you will receive an email with the necessary instructions. The payment process will start in secure connection. once the reservation is CONFIRMED- ***After the payment process, you will be sent all the documentation to print the voucher (document that shows that your reservations have been paid and must show to receive the services) and the invoice that covers the payment. In case of any doubt or problem with the reservation or payment, please contact us to help you.
Whenever it is havanautos / cubacar / Rex you can change the name of the driver up to 72 hours before. the cost is $ 50 USD--  *** Via Rent a Car, do not admit change of name.***
NO-NO, you have to respect the exact schedule as shown in the VOUCHER- in case there is a delay in the schedule you have to call the Car Rental Company at the telephone number you have in the VOUCHER and report the delay or in otherwise, the reservation will be lost and the money paid for the services will not be reimbursed. It will be considered NO-SHOW. We recommend * Whenever you make a reservation to do it with enough time to prevent misunderstandings, the car will always be ready hours before the reservation.
NO - Although everything possible is done so that the same car or similar is the same one that is delivered, unfortunately in Cuba it does not have a lot of availability of cars and the reservations consider them by CATEGORIES, in case that category is exhausted it will be given an equal category, similar or superior ** THEY DO NOT ENSURE COLORS, YEARS OR CONDITIONS OF THE VEHICLE **
Through our website you will have access to all the Car rental Agencies of the country (CUBACAR, HAVANAUTOS, VIA and REX) from where you can book, receive a confirmation email and pay once confirmed the reservation
In the main cities it is easy to refuel. Keep in mind that in the expressway the service stations are located 90 km away from each other as average.
-30-90 Days Before - 10% Cancellation fees -20-30 Days Before - 15% Cancellation fees -3 to 20 Days before - 35% Cancellation fees -2 to 3 Days before - 45% Cancellation fees -1 Day Before - 75% Cancellation fees *** { SAME DAY }. Refunds or exchanges are not accepted for the same day of the rent.***