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We understand you may have questions about your upcoming Reservation. We’re working around the clock to care for you on your travel journey.

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If you're not traveling (or supposed to travel) in the next 72 hours, . You can cancel your trip online by email or call later when you’re ready to rebook.


When you book with ALL TRAVEL USA, you accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that appear on these pages. You must read and accept them before booking your vacation. Once you make the reservation, the following terms and conditions will take effect.


Payment for your reservation must be made before the date indicated in the confirmation email sent by ALL TRAVEL USA.

If payments are not received within the specified period, ALL TRAVEL USA reserves the right to cancel your reservation and apply the applicable penalties.

Some reservations need deposits in advance and in the majority it is only to wait CONFIRMATION

Deposits can vary from 0.00 USD, 100 USD, 150 USD, The customer is responsible for paying the requested or the reservation is not guaranteed, in case the reservation is denied the deposit will be refunded in full.


We accept a large number of credit cards, including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, all credit cards are accepted and require a 3.5% convenience rate | To avoid you can make Bank Transfers or cash in one of our agencies.

***We do not require any credit card information, or by email or phone, no agent is authorized to require it, the customer pays with secure online connection when your reservation is confirmed by clicking on a secure link from your email. Only when the sender is,


Duplicate Reservations? This causes an error in the system and only makes the reservation take a longer time to confirm, the system tracks the IP Number from which the reservation is made and detects names, emails and other duplicates. If you try to change the reservation or make any changes, we advise you to contact us. (Phone 305.230.4770 or via Chat)


We recommend all passengers to buy travel insurance when making their reservation, because ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for health problems, unpredictable circumstances that may incur travelers or damage or loss of luggage.


In case of cancellation, please notify us immediately. Charges are charged based on the cancellation date received by ALL TRAVEL USA and apply to all reserved products. Read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of each product.

ALL TRAVEL USA reserves the right to resell canceled seats. If the cancellation of one or more persons alters the category of rooms, the remaining passengers will be responsible for the difference in cost.

If we receive your written notification to cancel your reservation more than 7 days before your departure, your deposit will be refunded with a charge of 25.00 EUR. However, if you decide to cancel within the 6 days preceding your departure, the following cancellation fees will apply. Some arrangements can not be changed after the reservation is made and any request for alteration will be considered a cancellation.


-30-90 Days Before your departure- 10% Cancellation fees  

-20-30 Days Before your departure - 15% Cancellation fees

 -3 to 20 Days before your departure - 35% Cancellation fees

 -2 to 3 Days before your departure - 45% Cancellation fees

 -1 Day Before your departure - 75% Cancellation fees 

*** " The same day of your arrival “. Refunds or exchanges are not accepted for the same day of the rent. *** 

*** change the name of the driver up to 72 hours before. the cost is $ 50 USD " some restrictions apply, call for more details at 305-230-4770

ALL TRAVEL USA will not pay compensation for changes caused by wars or threats of war, demonstrations, civil protests, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics or health risks, technical problems with transportation including reasons mechanical or climatic, governmental actions, closed or congested airports, and similar events that are beyond our control.


Any change required by customers is subject to a cancellation penalty.

All changes are subject to the rates of the new products reserved based on the original date of the reservation. If the reservation is modified more than once, then ALL TRAVEL USA reserves the right to increase the administration fee.


All rates appear in US dollars (USD) unless otherwise stated. ALL TRAVEL USA reserves the right to change published prices without prior notice or to apply taxes set by governments, fees related to transportation or extra charges due to fluctuations in fuel prices or the price of currency to travelers . In the event that ALL TRAVEL USA reduces prices, the revised rates will only be valid for new reservations. Reduced rates can be increased without prior notice and are only valid for new reservations.


The traveler is responsible for obtaining, on their own, all the documentation required by the relevant authorities. Customs, airline and immigration officials can deny entry or exit from their countries under any circumstances. ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible and will not refund any money. The traveler is also responsible for obtaining the pertinent information to travel, including itineraries, airlines and hotels. For more information, see Documents and Visas. (I)


The quality of the hotels has been established according to the normal standard of the destination and may vary with respect to the standard applied in other countries. The service can be interrupted at any time by renovations, maintenance or construction. ALL TRAVEL USA is an intermediary and is not responsible for the quality or service interruptions.


Cars in Cuba are considered by CATEGORIES, in case the category is exhausted it will be given an equal, similar or superior category ** Rental companies DO NOT SECURE COLORS, YEARS OR CONDITIONS OF THE VEHICLE.


The accuracy of the information and photos included in our brochure has been verified. However, because they are only descriptive, ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for any unforeseen changes or loss of enjoyment. All photos of the hotels are published as illustrations of the property only. Most of the hotels offer variations of the rooms in terms of decoration, size and location.


ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for claims, losses, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or type, that affect the traveler, companion or group members, as a result of events beyond the control of ALL TRAVEL USA or a supplier, including natural disasters, strikes or any labor dispute or interruption, wars, blockades, insurrections, demonstrations, earthquakes, weather conditions, or acts or restrictions imposed by government authorities.


ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for any unused portion of your trip or tour services and will not refund any money. Failure to comply with the components of the trip as the pre-arranged itinerary may result in the loss of that component and no money will be reimbursed. We are not responsible for any activity or optional trip sold locally, since ALL TRAVEL USA does not operate those services.


In the case of a reservation confirmed and paid for by the client and that the hotel does not guarantee for excess occupancy of its rooms, it is the responsibility of the HOTEL to relocate the passengers in other hotels of the same category or higher. ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for any inconvenience as a result of this change.


ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for unsatisfied orders such as ocean view, special meals, bedding. The hotel or the airline can make extra charges. ALL TRAVEL USA will not confirm any order before departure.


All hotels establish an entry and exit schedule. Your room may not be available upon arrival at the facility. The hotel may ask you to leave the room before the scheduled departure time.


All applicable promotions must be reserved or requested in time for your reservation. In the case of promotions such as Honeymoon Special, customers must present proof of this when registering at the hotel.


Disabled travelers must present a medical certificate authorizing their ability to travel. ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for providing any special services for people with physical or mental disabilities. Many hotels are not equipped to serve disabled passengers, therefore, the trip to these properties will be at the traveler's risk.


The traveler agrees to comply with the rules and laws of the country he is visiting. If the traveler behaves in a threatening manner to the provider and / or other passengers, the provider has the right to withdraw the service or expel him from the hotel. In that case, the traveler is responsible for all costs and will not receive any refund for unrealized portions of the trip.


ALL TRAVEL USA makes the necessary arrangements with independent companies and is not responsible for any act or omission on behalf of these firms. ALL TRAVEL USA will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury, whether physical or mental, or property, as a result of any delay, replacement or deficiency in the quality of equipment or services, or any action, omission, negligence or commission. from any party that provides services or accommodation. We reserve the right to refuse any reservation and refuse any passenger as a member of these trips at any time.

No representative of any company is authorized to change or cancel the contract once the reservation is made.


The standard of living varies considerably from one country to another. Keep in mind that living conditions may be different in terms of provisions and utilities, services, food and accommodation outside of your country. ALL TRAVEL USA is not responsible for illnesses or inconveniences as a result of the service offered or omitted in the tourist destination.


ALL TRAVEL USA does not transmit to unrelated third parties the personal information provided on this website during registration or when making reservations. However, you must accept that ALL TRAVEL USA may share your personal information with service providers, such as hotels that are directly related to your reservation requests. You must also accept that ALL TRAVEL USA can contact you regularly through your email for purposes related to your reservation, the use of this site and related matters, unless you specifically reject such contacts through an email message .


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